Video: One Human Family, Food for All

Based on an ancient story about hunger and sharing, this animated video is part of Caritas’ “One Human Family, Food for All” campaign. The “allegory of the long spoons” teaches us that when we struggle to feed only ourselves, everyone goes hungry. But when we focus on our neighbour’s hunger, we discover there are ways to feed everyone.

Around the world, Caritas helps people so that they can feed their families. See regular updates about our anti-hunger work at


Editorial: Laura Sheahen/Caritas

Art direction and animation by EALLIN:

Director: Denizcan Yuzgul
Compositor & colorist: Michal Šverma
Dramaturge: Pavel Hurboš
CGI team: Josef Kasal, Libor Batěk, David Dvořák, Štěpán Končelík, Jiří Linhart, Jan Zavadil, Martin Hanschild, Murphy Ličko
Animation team: Pavel Hruboš, Renata Stránská, Gabi Popov, Severin Baschung
Postproduction manager: Lukáš Karvánek


Sound by BANG:

Executive Producer: Brad Stratton
Sound Designers: Paul Vitolins and Nick Cipriano
Re-recording mixer: Paul Vitolins

Composer: Viliam Bereš
Producer/Recording Engineer: Steve Walsh

Featured vocalists:
Lenka Dusilova
The Lanugo Children’s Choir

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