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How we beat hunger – Women’s letter

A group of women in Pakistan wrote this letter to other women’s groups, sharing their experiences and success in beating hunger.

Pope Francis on how we can fight hunger

Pope Francis speaks of land hoarding, food waste, climate change, and other obstacles to beating hunger.

Pope Francis urges Catholics to “set the table” for all

During his homily at the opening Mass of the Caritas Internationalis General Assembly in Rome on May 12, 2015, Pope Francis spoke of the “Food for All” campaign and urged Catholics to feed the hungry. Here is the Vatican-provided text of the homily. The reading from the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 16: 22-34) that…

Hands-on ways to beat hunger

Text and photos by Laura Sheahen/Caritas “We used to run out of wheat to eat after six or seven months. Then we’d have to buy it.” Lalita Bhalla, a grandmother living with her husband in a farming village in central India, saw her food situation improve after joining a Caritas farming project. “Now it lasts…

Food campaign updates on Facebook

Every day, the worldwide Caritas network helps the hungry. Here are updates from our campaign Facebook page,

Seeds of hope: preventing farmer suicides in India

Caritas is helping farmers become more self-sufficient and less likely to fall into debt.

Fish that is cruelty-free–for fishers

On TV, I see ads for tuna “caught without killing dolphins”. Yes, dolphins were not killed, but maybe a couple of fishers got hurt or were exploited. What I’d like to see is, “This tuna was caught without killing any dolphins…and without abusing and exploiting any fishers.”

EU Parliament endorses right to food

The European Parliament approved a motion saying there is a “need to go beyond food security” and that it “considers food as a basic human right.”

Share your plate challenge: pasta e fagioli (pasta and bean soup)

A simple, inexpensive, and filling meal that reminds us to think of the poor when we make dinner.

Clay pot fridge: simple ways to store food

Clay pot fridge