A week to focus on hunger

From 12 to 19 October 2014, Caritas supporters around the world focused on ways to end hunger. See a photo gallery that shows what they accomplished or read selected highlights below.


Enjoy a meal at your parish and invite those in need
 Collect food for a local food pantry
 Teach someone to garden or share food from your harvest
 Download this card, sign it, and share
More ideas
  • On 16 October in Luxembourg, hundreds of people, including representatives of the Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament, marched in the streets as part of a “Food for All” Caritas solidarity action that emphasised the right to food.
  • As part of the Week of Action, Cáritas Nicaragua collected donated food in supermarkets and held a fresh food fair.
  • Caritas Kosovo signed an agreement with the leaders of one area to open a soup kitchen.
  • Caritas Korea challenged supporters to have a cafeteria producing no leftover food. They also had a quiz contest on hunger, a charity bazaar, and more.
  • In Sri Lanka, Caritas supporters had meals with families in need, distributed food to families, listened to success stories from beneficiaries of Food Security projects, and shared organic food produced by beneficiaries of its projects.
  • In France, Secours Catholique held a number of solidarity meals and charity events.
  • Caritas Djibouti planned a shared meal with street children.
  • In Colombia and other Latin American countries, Caritas members held workshops on the right to food.
  • In Slovenia, small children ran races to raise awareness of hunger and learned about food inequalities. One of the children said: “We would like to fill the refrigerator with food and send it to Africa.”
  • In India, among many other activities, a group of volunteers enacted the plight of smallholder farmers in India.
  • In Brazil, Caritas provided meals for the elderly.
  • Caritas Pakistan held a workshop on wheat cultivation saying that quality seed, crop water use, seed storage, ban on pesticides and women empowerment can help in better crop yield. They also inaugurated a biogas plant that will reduce farmers’ dependency on inputs.
  • Caritas Albania, Kosovo, Cyprus and more celebrated Masses.
  • In Mexico, Caritas San Luis Potosi runs the “dining room of hope” to provide meals to homeless people.
  • In Peru, judges decided on the winners of a cooking competition that encouraged parish members to cook nutritious, inexpensive dishes. The parishes are part of a Nutrition/Food Safety Programme run by Caritas Chosica. Stuffed peppers won.
  • In Thailand, Caritas held a special meal for the Week of Action.
  • In Austria, young Caritas supporters collected food for people in need, cooked for the homeless, and more.
  • In Portugal, three tons of food were donated by freshmen at the Caritas Diocesana de Aveiro.
  • Throughout October, Caritas Macau promoted a special menu focused on vegetarian options to encourage healthful eating.
  • Caritas Czech Republic arranged for the “Food for All” animated video to be shown in cinemas
  • Caritas Panama parishes hosted the “Hunger Is a Crime” concert series.



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