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Caritas says the Charter of Milan doesn’t hear the poor

The Charter of Milan will be presented to the United Nations secretary general on World Food Day, but Caritas says that the charter lacks teeth and offers a limited approach to solving global hunger. The Charter of Milan is a manifesto developed during the EXPO 2015 – the World’s Fair on Food which opened in…

‘We may face starvation’: violence leads to hunger in South Sudan

The violence that has gripped South Sudan since December 2013 has sent waves of people fleeing for their lives. Leaving homes, farms and livestock behind, families have no source of food or income. Father Biong Kwol, a priest who coordinates Caritas aid on the country’s northern border, talks about the growing hunger crisis. What is the…

One wave, one family, no hunger

Caritas has given me a crash course in geography and now I know where Rarotonga is …among other places. For the first time ever the whole confederation has launched a global campaign against hunger “One Human Family, Food for All”.