Caritas Internationalis Food Security Study

Farmer in the field

The Food Security Study surveyed 98 Caritas organisations in countries comprising of 83 percent of the world’s population.

Download the full report: Caritas Internationalis Food Security Study

Hunger and Food Insecurity

Almost a third of respondents of the global food study said their countries faced food insecurity and almost half said their countries were only somewhat secure in their food resources.
The top three causes of food insecurity were:

  • lack of resources for small scale farmers
  • low agricultural productivity
  • impact of climate change

“The findings of this survey are a window into the struggles of impoverished small farmers, especially those in the developing world” –Michel Roy, Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis

Impact of food insecurity

The impact of food insecurity is wide ranging, with two areas standing out most: hunger and malnutrition, and negative social impacts (including migration, income disparity and crime).

Ensuring access to food

The report found overall that the main solution to food insecurity is to support agriculture at small scale, considering that small scale farmers produce most of the food that is eaten in the world. This can include protecting farming, fostering better agricultural practices, helping small farmers and helping people grow food in their own gardens.

Download the full report: Caritas Internationalis Food Security Study

Download the summary leaflet in English, Spanish and French

Hunger and food insecurity infographic