Commitment checklist: how to get involved

To be a part of the worldwide Caritas campaign “One Human Family, Food for All,” I pledge to one or more of the following activities:


Caritas_Südsudan_2009_IMG_4942 hand with few seeds small  I will help start or join a community garden where I live
  I will teach someone gardening or canning
  Every month, I will donate money, fresh produce, or nonperishable food items to a food bank or community meal program, or donate them at church
  I will share food with my hungry neighbors during lean periods/food-scarce months
  I will teach my children and family members not to waste food and instead to show solidarity with the hungry
  I will focus on not wasting food myself
  I will provide one meal each week or month to a person/family in need of food
  I will initiate a group to transport excess produce to those in need
  I will talk with my parish priest about mobilising resources to help the hungry–perhaps through a second collection after Mass



  I will participate in a prayer service or novena devoted to hunger reduction
  I will devote one day a month to fasting and praying for the eradication of hunger in my community and the world
  I will organise a Mass to reflect on the goals of the “Food for All” campaign
  I will pray daily, as an individual or with my family, for an end to hunger



  Either alone or with a group, I will read or watch one of the following videos, skits, or books:  [choose powerful hunger-related books and films from your country]
  I will plan a learning experience for children in our community about hunger
  I will teach others about eating healthful food
  I will educate myself about how much of their income poor people in my area have to spend on food



  If my country’s Caritas has an advocacy mailing list, I will subscribe to it and will respond to one action alert to protect food and hunger programs in my country
  I will ask my government leaders to consider the poor when local and national policies are being developed
  I will support government policies that help small farmers and the hungry

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