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Take time to share a book with your child and discuss the needs of hungry people.

Young people: share your anti-hunger work

We call on the young people of Caritas and the whole world to raise their voices and be creative on behalf of people without food. Please post photos and descriptions of your activities on

Music video: a powerful song about hunger from Caritas Panama

Young people from Caritas Panama have taken the Food for All campaign to another level with a video of this beautiful and moving song, LEVANTO MI VOZ POR QUIEN NO TIENE PAN (I raise my voice for those who have no bread).

Plant a tree in Ethiopia for Valentine’s day

Some people say it with flowers, others say it with trees. Caritas in northern Italy is giving lovers in the South Tyrol a chance to boost nutrition in Ethiopia on Valentine’s day this year.

One wave, one family, no hunger

Caritas has given me a crash course in geography and now I know where Rarotonga is …among other places. For the first time ever the whole confederation has launched a global campaign against hunger “One Human Family, Food for All”.