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Highlights of Caritas food campaign

Begun in December 2013 with the support of Pope Francis, the “One Human Family, Food for All” campaign has energised Catholics worldwide and unified the Caritas network as it works to end hunger. Below are campaign highlights.  

‘Food for All’ campaign unifies Caritas to end hunger

From the Pacific Islands to Africa to Latin America, Caritas has succeeded in building a world with more food for all.

‘Hunger is finished here’: the Caritas food campaign at work

“When I was around 12, we’d only eat once a day,” says Tulsi Ram, a young man living in a village in central India. “My head would spin and I’d be weak from hunger.” “There’d be times when I was hungry for two or three days. It burned in my stomach,” says Suresh, a 35-year-old…

Lent calendar

As part of the Caritas “Food for All” campaign, we invite you to take a few minutes each day in Lent to focus on the hungry. Our Lenten calendar offers thought-provoking activities for each weekday. Click a date below and join us in working towards a world without hunger. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”22″ gal_title=”Lent 2015″] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”11″…

A week to focus on hunger

From 12 to 19 October 2014, Caritas supporters around the world focused on ways to end hunger. See a photo gallery that shows what they accomplished or read selected highlights below.   WHAT CAN YOU DO? Enjoy a meal at your parish and invite those in need  Collect food for a local food pantry  Teach…

What hunger does to children

Severe hunger affects every part of a person’s body, and children are especially vulnerable. Caritas spoke with two nurses—one in Malawi and one in Senegal—to learn more about their experiences with hungry children. Hover your mouse over this child’s hair, arm and more to see the nurses’ words about how lack of food impacts the…

Caritas leaders participating in a "Food for All" meeting in Rome this week raise up bread. Credit: Sheahen/Caritas

Caritas experts from around the world gathered his week in Rome to discuss hunger and how to end it by 2025. Strategising around the 18-month Caritas campaign “One Human Family, Food for All,” participants discussed challenges as diverse as seed rights, farmer suicides due to debt, “food for votes” corruption, school feeding programmes for malnourished…